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Meet Our Team

Demand Generation Specialist

Andrea Azacon

Andrea. Engineer, Marketer, Project Manager

Whether you are a growing company concerned about your global presence or a local business trying to make an impact on your community, marketing is your superpower.

From my experience working with big brands like Reebok and small businesses across America and Europe, I've learned what motivates a wide range of audiences to take action.

Like you and I, every person has a way of understanding the world. In framing your proposal in those terms, you can go from being invisible to somebody they love speaking to.

If you want to build something great, we are here to co-create.

I am Andrea, Engineer, marketer, and entrepreneur, and BIM is your new team.

SEO Specialist

Juan Torrealba

Juansee. Storyteller, Engineer, Entrepreneur

I want my writing to empower people, my science career to ensure every nation's energy independence, and I want my entrepreneurial career to bring humanity forward.

I might sound ambitious for saying that, but I believe that being ambitious in this sense is the essence of caring for others.

The key to getting what you want from life is in helping people get what they want.

I do not tell the truth as pleasantly as I can because of me. I do not engineer my way around setbacks because of me. I do not play my poor hands to the best of my ability because of me.

I do all those things because I believe that in helping others do better, we all do best. Don't you?

Together Is Better