BIM’s Branding Services

In the business of building values-based companies

The most valuable and differentiating asset every great company has is its culture. Purpose, clarity, and a deep sense of belonging make companies enduring and worthy of respect and admiration.

Branding is the key to performing financially

Trust precedes every single decision that we make. Before passing any responsibility on to a person or company, we must trust them. Investing in your culture and in your brand will make people trust and invest in your company.


Creating a brand is about creating a culture


Your people enjoy your brand because it reminds them how much they matter


Create a culture that people can celebrate as their own

Set The Course

Branding sets the course a company will guide its way through

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Now that you know why branding is important, how do you start?

The branding process can sound daunting, but we have the ability and the experience to guide you through it diligently. In doing so, we will work closely, and get through each stage with a clearer idea of what your culture and your brand look like.

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BIM's Branding Process

Branding comes from the inside and reflects on the outside

1. Brand Discovery

We will dedicate the first stage to helping you navigate the true motivation for starting your company.

We are going to articulate your purpose and help you communicate it effectively to create leverage for your company.
Most importantly, it will help us elevate the experience of your brand.

2. Brand Ideation

In this stage, we will procure that your brand has the ability to interact with people. In doing so we will connect the identity of your company with that of the individuals whose cause stands for to create a symbol unifying all those forces.


People call it brand design, we call it brand ideation. It feels, it moves, it speaks, but it goes past design.

More than design

The design shows us exteriors, but there is much more to it.


Give people the ability to experience your brand

Your brand

Allow it to be playful, conversational, and interact with people.

3. Brand Building

The third and last stage of our branding process is cyclical.

As your company calls the attention of more people and grows richer both in size and demographics, so will your desire to know more about them.

As you learn from your audience, you will naturally want to improve each aspect of your branding platform.

You will be enticed to include those people's needs, hopes and even articulate your speech and stories.

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Don't make up a story, embrace your own.

The whole point of being transparent is to be worthy of the trust of others. The minute you couple storytelling to “create” instead of “embrace,” everything you’ve worked for is in jeopardy. This is business, not fiction. Be creative, be humorous but abide by your values and your principles at all times.

Make your brand worthy of admiration and it will promote by itself

In the beginning, a brand is a promise. It shows in every way, what a company is committed to, and how deeply committed it is. It will take you time to materialize up to the expectations, but it will guide every effort. Invest in your culture, and your company will have every human resource in favor.

Give People A Reason To Buy From You