We live in a world of suppliers, consumers, in an environment topped up by people driven by tradition, aspirations and an incessantly pursuit of fulfillment of their needs, in an environment such as this, we don’t use the marketing mix but live it instead.

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The Business World is like the high-speed train of the new era, moving faster than ever before, entrepreneurs constantly ask themselves how to sell more, when the real question should be “am i selling an authentic experience.”

Now that we know where to aim at, i will take you over three concepts that will help you spot the answer at a glance.

Client profile & Segmentation of the market

It is time for us to change our perspectives, your product or service might not be suitable for everyone but exceptional for the few, a few number of very well selected customers you need to draw your attention to, by telling them “I have eyes just for you.”

Augmented Product

As sellers we need to understand that consumers buy no products or services, they buy benefits, they are the way we respond to our clients’ necessities, do not sell products or services then, sell yourself, sell your personal brand, point out all those extra benefits it represents buying from you.


Back in the 80s, Coca Cola launched a new drink, as they were starting to experiment with flavors and trends alike, searching for innovation, an opportunity to grow their business and stand out from the competition for good; they thought it was an amazing idea, and so it took the company about 4 million dollars to conduct tests and refine the product.

(1985) New Coke Commercial – Source: YouTube

In the end the company failed, the new Coca Cola drink had no such approval neither success, indeed, the company lost millions of dollars and had no option left but to take the drink out of the market.

Some time later, Analysts from the Marketing Area reached the conclusion that they were so excited about their proposal that they actually forgot to ask their customers if they wanted a new Coca Cola or not.

Coca Cola lost millions, not because of being incapable to raise awareness through campaigns and mass media, they lost millions because they forgot to think as consumers, they did not know what was it exactly that their clients were buying from them.

Stand out & be preferred

Your product or service is the way you interact & connect with your client, I am not telling you to leave it all apart, but you might want to ask your customers opinions before conducting changes on your own, once again, you sell (expend money), you do not buy (provide meaningful revenues streams for the company).

Ace under the sleeve

You might be thinking this is too much information, but let’s make it easier to understand by speaking in common tongue, what about something we have all heard of, Poker for example…

In Poker, the worst hand you can possibly deal with is a 7 and a 2, and having those cards leave us with no much to do, however if we translate that into real life, it wouldn’t matter if the cards were that bad, if the conditions were inappropriate, it would not matter what you sell, neither your Company’s current position, all it matters is that we are able to turn the worst hand into a winning hand as we get to choose how the cards unfolds on the table unlike in the game; we can adopt the proper tactic and strategies to finally win the game no matter the conditions.

That is our mission here at BIM Agency, to team up with you, to turn those worst hands into winning hands, to lead you towards your success.

Written by: Juan Andrés Torrealba



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